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Meet Saffy

Meet Saffy, Lionheart Town's resident gardener. She loves to be out in nature, whether it is gardening, taking the children on walks around Lionheart Town, or picking fruit and veg for her stall. When Saffy is not at ‘Saffy’s Stall’ or looking after daughter Lily-May, she helps her husband Arthur on official town duties. To relax, Saffy loves to get creative and enjoys painting pictures of the town.

Characteristics: She is affectionate and kind and always happy to help. Saffy gets so busy she forgets to look after herself, so when she needs some ‘Saffy time’ she gets her paintbrush out and gets creative which helps her to relax. Saffy is easy going and loves to get creative by painting and spreading happiness wherever she goes.

Favourite food: Super Sweet Strawberries

Favourite colour: Green

Catchphrase: "Who wants a cub hug?”