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Meet Ralphy

Meet Ralphy, Lionheart Town’s cool dude! Ralphy lives in Frosty Hills with his dad, Ritchie. Ralphy is full of energy and never slows down. Ralphy can be very curious which can often lead to mischief and trouble! However, he has great ideas and will always be there whenever you need him. His favourite thing to do is go bouncy, bouncy, bump, bump!

Characteristics: Ralphy is super fun and a great friend who is always there to help anyone in Lionheart Town, especially his best friends. Sometimes Ralphy gets so excited he doesn’t listen to others and can make quite a mess. But he’ll always make you laugh with a joke or his rumbly tummy.

Favourite food: Jungle-Berry Ice-cream

Favourite colour: Blue

Catchphrase: “Paw-riffic!”