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A set of 8 brush pens by the well known pen manufacturer Centropen. These brush pens are a great place to start for older children who are looking to perhaps explore lettering or blending of colours or indeed just experience a brush marker for perhaps the first time.

Add the brush to a little water and see how the colour can be bleed and blend to create watercolour style effect. The brush can create thick and thin lines depending how the brush is used and the pressure applied. For comfort during use the ergonomic triangular grip is a great addition to another style of colouring and adding colour to your work.

The ink is non hazardous to health and because of the water based properties it is easy to wash off most fabrics. The rounded brush tip is 5mm and because of its flexible properties can create a line width between 1.5mm to 4mm. Have fun with a new challenge with these brush markers.

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