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Meet Miss Jessie

Say hello to Miss Jessie, the Lionheart School Principal. Mummy to Bella, Miss Jessie lives in Higgledy-Piggledy House. She loves to cook and her signature dish is her yummy Apple Pops. Miss Jessie has a very busy job being the School Principal, but in her spare time she likes to go on walks around Lionheart Town with her friend, Saffy.

Characteristics: Miss Jessie is very wise and patient and the residents of Lionheart Town love to come to her for advice. However, Miss Jessie likes to plan things so finds it difficulty dealing with last minute ideas. Firm but fair, Miss Jessie is loved by everyone in town.

Favourite food: Apple Pops, just like Bella!

Favourite colour: Violet

Catchphrase: “That’s the way to do it!”