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Meet Lily-May

Say hello to Lily-May, Lionheart Town’s fearless lion cub! Lily-May loves competitions and winning prizes! She loves to perform whether it’s singing or dancing and has quite a collection of 1st Place trophies she has collected on Lionheart Games Days. However, most of all she loves going on adventures with her friends, Bella, Benji and Ralphy

Characteristics: Lily-May is a great explorer. Feisty and full of energy, she tries to encourage her friends to try new things. Sometimes Lily-May can be very competitive and finds it difficult when she doesn’t win, however she will always be happy and proud of her friends when they do well.

Favourite food: Smoothies (especially ones from the Hearty Lunch Bistro)

Favourite colour: Orange

Catchphrase: “Smile and shine!”