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Meet Jasper

Meet Jasper, Lionheart Town’s favourite teacher. Mr Jasper (as he is fondly called) is a great teacher who loves to share all his knowledge with his students. Jasper loves his bow ties and has a different one for every day of the week! Jasper works with Miss Jessie at Lionheart School and he lives in Clippety Cloppy Lodge.

Characteristics: Jasper is an eccentric character whose mind tends to wander in all sorts of directions. He loves to help but can sometimes be distracted and forget what he offered to do. However, Jasper’s heart is always in the right place and he soon makes up for his mistakes.

Favourite food: He can never remember!

Favourite colour: Black and white – he loves them both the same.

Catchphrase: “Clippety-clop hooray!”