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Meet Benji

Say hello to Benji, everyone’s favourite lovable elephant! Benji lives in the Trumpety Tree with his mummy and daddy. Benji is very kind and considerate and loves to make paper hearts to give out to all his friends to make them smile. His best friends are Ralphy, Bella and Lily-May and they are always going on adventures together, all over Lionheart Town!

Characteristics: Benji is a sensitive soul with a BIG heart! He always wants his friends to be happy. Sometimes Benji can feel nervous when trying new things and gets the case of the ‘Tummy Flutter Byes’. However, Benji will always try and find his courage so he can try new things.

Favourite food: Wild Chip Cookies

Favourite colour: Red like his paper hearts

Catchphrase: “Let’s fill the day with hearts”